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Starters, Alternators,
DC Motors and Repair Parts.

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Parts for all Diesel Systems.

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For passenger cars,
commercial vehicles, Plant
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Lighting and Safety aids

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DSL Sales Ltd - Parts and Components for all Vehicles

DSL Sales specialises in a wide variety of engine parts and components for vehicles including cars, trucks, plant, agricultural and marine. Our range covers diesel injection pumps, turbos, starter motors, alternators, tools, testing equipment and electrical components.

We also stock safety equipment such as reversing cameras, reversing sensors and reversing alarms, for trucks, vans, buses and trailers.



Injectors and Pumps

We are the foremost supplier in Ireland of Diesel fuel pumps and injectors for indirect injection, multi-spray direct injection, common rail, electronic and mechanical unit injectors. Our staff can help you to identify the correct injector or pump you require. Show us the part you wish to replace or give us the details of the engine and if possible any reference numbers on the unit and we can match the part.
Starter motors, Alternators & DC Motors our Rotating Electrics Range

Starter motors, alternators, DC Motors and of course their parts are often requested from DSL Sales. As a result we carry numerous brands, makes, models and sizes. We carry a wide range of 12 volt and 24 volt (0.6 kw. to 7.5 kw. power range) starter motors for your engine and a selection of alternators some with internal fans or liquid cooling . Our alternators range covers 12 volt to 28 volt, from 25amp to 190 amp, and most are now fitted with clutch pulleys.
Turbochargers and Turbo Parts

Turbos are a vital part of many modern engines. When a failure occurs it is vital that your unit is replaced by a Factory built unit. We supply turbos for high performance cars, diesel engines, van and truck engines, also for marine and for farm and plant machinery. We have access to all makes and types from Europes major suppliers.
Automotive Electrics

DSL Sales carry a wide range of automotive electrics. We stock a wide variety of fuses and fuse connectors for all vehicle types, included in our electrics range are plugs and sockets, trailer leads, automotive switches, light board sockets and towing electrics, light bulbs and, a wide range of wiring, terminals and sockets to suit your every need.
Reversing Aids

With advances in technology and more stringent safety regulations reversing aids for trucks, cars, vans and trailers are becoming increasingly popular. These have also increased efficiency and can make your work a little easier. We stock a great variety of truck reversing cameras, which are also ideal for trailers, horse boxes and vans. Also popular in this range are reversing sensors, sirens and beepers ant the latest in contractors plant warning systems.
Mechanics Tools & Workshop Equipment

DSL Sales have available a comprehensive range of specialist tools and equipment for the Diesel and Auto specialist. We can advise you on the most up to date and most appropriate Fuel Pump test equipment and injector test machines for your workshop. DSL also carry a stock of AST timing and service tools for the small and large operator, also we have a large range of tools, including specialist socket sets and hand tools suitable for the Diesel workshops.